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David Brian Williams distinguished career has included teaching and administrative appointments at Illinois State University, SWRL Educational Research Laboratory, the University of Washington, and the University of Guam. He holds a Bachelor of Music Education and a Master of Music Theory degree from Northwestern State University of Louisiana and a PhD in Systematic Musicology from the University of Washington, Seattle. His technology work broadly covers multimedia and Internet applications, music and arts technology education, the development of software applications for music education, and the management of information and instructional technology resources.  While on the faculty at Illinois State University, he pioneered one of the first arts technology programs internationally in the early 1980s; ISU now offers a undergraduate and graduate degrees in arts technology, the program renamed creative technologies in 2019.

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Dr. Williams has served as a consultant to many organizations in education and business combining his music, technology, research, and administrative experience. He has written extensively in the areas of music education, music psychology, music and arts technology, and instructional development. His most recent book, which he co-authors with Peter Webster, is entitled Experiencing Music Technology (Thomson/Schirmer, 3rd edition updated, currently 4th edition in preparation for Oxford University Press). 

 He has served on boards for the National Association for Music Education, College Music Society, Illinois Music Educators Association, the Association for Technology in Music Instruction, and Technology Institute for Music Education (TI:ME). He chaired the MENC task force for developing Opportunity-to-Learn Standards for Music Technology and, in 2001, received the Illinois Music Educators Association Distinguished Service Award for his work in music technology.  Dr. Williams is a past president for  The College Music Society.

He has been a much-invited speaker, clinician, and consultant to many professional meetings, universities, public schools, business organizations, and professionals in business, education, and music. View Dr. Williams' academic web page at Illinois State University.  Full resume available on request.

University Lectures, Seminars, and Teaching

Illinois State University; University of Guam; California State University at Los Angeles; University of Iowa; University of Denver: Lamont School of Music; Southern Methodist University: Meadows School of the Arts; University of Arizona; University of Central Florida; University of Connecticut; Indiana University; Indiana University Purdue University of Indianapolis; University of Washington; North Texas University; Clayton State University; University of Wisconsin, LaCrosse and Madison; Northwestern University; Clayton State University; University of Alabama at Birmingham; University of Alabama Huntsville

Selected Publications of David Brian Williams


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